2017-03-26 13:28:00
Hello Everybody!

We in the industrial wing of Imperium Libertas are proud to announce that we can now fulfill all of your capital construction needs. Need a dread, fax, or carrier? We can build it!


Apostle $1,340,549,207
Archon $1,191,128,908
Revelation $1,666,840,695
Minokawa $1,344,483,693
Chimera $1,181,815,795
Phoenix $1,527,817,645
Ninazu $1,328,079,847
Thanatos $1,199,118,789
Moros $1,537,465,337
Lif $1,332,513,851
Nidhoggur $1,198,125,047
Naglfar $1,533,975,507

30% of build fee is required upon order placement, the rest is to be paid upon delivery.
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