2017-03-26 15:26:00
Hi everyone,

After much consideration and voting, I and my corporation have decided to leave Circle-of-Two after almost four years, think we are like the third oldest active corporation in the Alliance now, wow. CO2 was the start of my EVE career and as a CEO and almost everything I know about EVE has been learned by being part of this alliance and the privileges it provided. Thanks to all this information my corporation has grown and thanks to all your tip and experiences my YouTube channel now has over 1.000 viewers per day.

I got to say I feel very sad about leaving the alliance, but I also feel exited to try something else out with my corporation. I feel like this is the worst timing since I came with the decision to GigX just hours before the information reached us in the Leadership/CEOs about the coming war, but don’t think we leaving because of the war... Goons, PL and NC has always been our arch enemies as long as I have lived in Null and I will always have a grudge towards them.

Almost a week has now passed since the decision was made and a lot of memories has come back to me during that time, like living in GIH and the first few systems we had in the start in Tribute, The Fountain war, the betrayal and backstabbing of Black Legion and our complete annihilation of their assets in Venal, The war in the south and the bombing multiboxing dude whatever his name was, Perrigen Fall deployment and so many fun things we have done these past years..

And of course a big applaud to GigX, Da Winci, Keef and Judge and all the other great people/players who have made this alliance so great in all those years.

I wish you all the best and in the wars to come! I really hope that our paths will cross again and we draw swords together once again.

Long live and prosper!

Best regards
Baffy / Deadly Ki-Kunni and the Yjellio Corporation
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