2017-03-26 17:26:00
It's become very obvious that a good deal of you are infact NOT contracting your loot/ore/PI etc to The Ends Justify The Memes.

As much as I didn't want to have to do this, and hoped we could just be adults about it, effectively immediately we now require FULL api's for every character in the alliance.

Beginging Sunday, April 2nd 04/02/2017 (02/04/2017 for the heathens) any character without a full API submitted will be removed from the alliance, no exceptions.

As a reminder, pretty much every kind of loot you generate in our space - Ore, DED Loot, salvage, exploration loot, junk loot from combat anoms, PI etc you are expected to sell to the alliance buyback program.

If you are generating loot, PLEASE CONTRACT IT TO The Ends Justify The Memes EVERY DAY. I respectfully request that you contract it before logging off each day, instead of waiting for it to build up, or waiting for the market price of whatever it is to go up.

That's the last time this request will be respectful, fair warning.

Please send a mail from your main character to Joe millions ofalts with FULL API's for all of your characters (by full, I mean select "all" for every catagory in the API creation page).

Thank you!
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