2017-03-31 19:38:00
Zahl Tivionne = Miner/pvp
Seraphim Vex = Structure construction parts, Fuel
pflowe = PVP/PVE
athen dailey = PVP/PVE
Ulysses HillGiant = Builds Ships (T1), PVP
AaeRohn = Builds just about everything
igotyoulast12 = Builds just about everything but stations. Does PVE and mining as well. Salvage
UNICR0N = Builds ships and mods
Koecoe = Builds Stations and parts for them. Also hauls stuff and able to set stations for people.
Queen Koecoe = PVE/PVP/Salvage
binkysun = Builds all but amaro and colder t3’s

If your names not on this list its because you have yet to send us a list of things you do.

If I got something wrong please forgive me, I'm only human, but I'll be more then happy to fix it.

Aimez (AKA Queen Koecoe and Koecoe)
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