2017-04-01 13:22:00
If your name isn't below then its because you didnt send your list of stuff you do to me. Get it done now to make sure your on the next list.

From here on out, the list will be sent out every week on Sunday. That is till someone takes the job from me... :-)

Zahl Tivionne = Miner/pvp
Seraphim Vex = Structure construction parts, Fuel
pflowe = PVP/PVE
athen dailey = PVP/PVE/Salvager
Ulysses HillGiant = Builds Ships (T1), PVP
AaeRohn = Builds just about everything
igotyoulast12 = Builder/Small Hauler/Reprocesser/Miner/PVE/Salvage/Planetary/Orca Driver
UNICR0N = Builds ships and mods
Koecoe = Builds Stations/Hauler/Orca driver
Queen Koecoe = PVE/PVP/Salvage
binkysun = Bilds all but amarr and caldari t3’s
Annetoli = Hauler
Prospector Chief = Orca Driver/Miner
Alfor Zat'nik'tel = Miner/Processer
Balut Penoy = PVE/Scouting
Jtty22 Timm = Orca driver/Miner

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