2017-04-02 14:10:00
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This week in the Alliance news letter

+ We have some new corporations lining up to join us soon (PVP CORPS)

+ We are building a contact relation with C02 at this time stay tuned

+ Roaming Reports will be released tomorrow after the Alliance senate meeting tonight

+ Alliance ally Galactic Skyfleet Empire is duking it out in whats called the German Civil war in they will be approaching the senate tonight on possible assistance if any.

+ Real life as we all know comes first and comes at us all unexpectedly many of times i have been absent frequently this week but we will be back on track shortly

+ possible alliances Re connected and may have as allies in upcoming null sec push (date to be determined) Razor, Gooneswarm, C02, AAA, Voalition Cult. and the list goes on but it will be a busy week none the less.

Please stay tuned for more tomorrow

Alliance Republic Chancellor
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