2017-04-03 22:29:00
Hey CO2,

So at the moment there are some groups I would like to actively start pushing for recruitment:


We are looking for any FC's that want to create content, take roaming gangs and for the very active ones who want to be alliance level FC's there is a chance for promotion should you be good/active enough. If you want to learn how to FC or believe you have what it takes please apply for the group and I will accept you in! There is lots of content to be had, all you need to be is active and want to get kills for you and your alliance bros (This covers all Timezones from AU, EU to US and RUS tz's)


This particular SIG is a special operations group which will be involved in deploying behind enemy lines, causing mischief and in general getting dank kills/fights!! If you can fly ships like Stratios, Stealth Bombers and are extremely active then we are looking for people like you. Apply for the group and PM me to discuss your activity, I will assess and hand pick the best out of CO2.


We have a BLOPS ONLY Battleship group active, if you have said ship and would like to get involved in dropping on ratters and idiots then apply to the Blackops channel and wait for pings. Please ensure that you've looked at the FleetUp doctrine page for updated fittings. For further information contact Beppe or Ozz Blox who are heading up this section.


This channel is purely an intel channel within CO2 to provide eyes and ears on enemy staging and fleet movement. To be useful in this channel you need to have an active cloaky alt, able to log it in at a moments notice and know how to provide dscan information to FC's in that channel. If you have a cloaky alt and know how to provide links with fleet numbers then please apply today!

There are lots of different things going on behind the scenes than making dank isk and building shineys, be involved and get a name for yourself.

Any questions please ask.

Head FC
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