2017-04-04 17:39:00
Attention all pilots!

The CO2 Special Warfare Command is currently recruiting active pilots of specialized activity. We have several groups at the moment conducting specific operations, and we'd like you to join the ones that best suit your interests.

This group exists for all things cloaky. If you enjoy flying Stealth Bombers, Recons, Cloaky T3s, Asteros/Stratios, or Black Ops Battleships, you should join this group. We are actively engaged in covert operations with this group at the moment, and are always looking to add more pilots. In addition, this group excels at spur-of-the-moment drops on targets of opportunity, both in our home region and abroad.
Requirements: Own a covert cloak capable ship and be willing to use it.

This group is for Black Ops Battleship pilots only. It's a more focused, advanced version of the BlackOps group, and focuses on objective-driven campaigns. Membership is limited to people that will deploy with the group to achieve our objectives.
Requirements: Own a Black Ops Battleship, and deploy it with the group to a campaign area (via JC or alt). Only available to pilots invited by a BlackOps FC.

This group is a special warfare group that consists of not only cloaky ships but also advanced, focused doctrines. This group specializes in small to medium sized gangs that efficiently cause mayhem in their area of operation, hitting well above their weight class.
Requirements: High amount of skill points required in order to fly specific doctrines that change as needed. Only available to pilots who contact Manks Girl and pass muster.

For any and all questions regarding any of these groups, contact the following individuals, preferably on Discord:
EUTZ: ozz blox
USTZ: Beppe
SpecOps: Manks Girl
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