2017-04-08 03:17:00
Gekutami - Ice Queam is up and we are fitting it. We'll be adding stuff as we get it but right now it has a market and D. So you can be safe while you trade...

Heres the fit we are going to be setting up. Gekutami - Ice Queam

For those that don't know much about this station and their fittings... It has rigs that boost the Ice and or reporcessing as well as a rig just for our cap ship builders... It'll have enough d for us as you can see, but it will also have all the stuff needed for working in this area. Since we haven't fit everything yet you are welcome to put your 2 cents in and we'll see if we can adjust the station for everyones needs as best we can.


P.S. Rent is free so get your leaders over here to rent an office... Especially you UNICR0N. (For the alliance office) All the other stuff is free too, once we add it in. Hope you enjoy.
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