2017-04-10 05:00:00
If you guys could please take some time out of your day and check the calendar. To find your calendar click on the big E in the top left above your Charactor sheet. Once there you highlight over social and click on calendar.

We have and will continue posting everyones events that are related to the game and that are things that everyone can particapate in. An Example of events we are talking about would be our officer meetings. Also note that UNICR0N will be out for a few days. SInce he is a big part of what is giong on or not going on, we posted his days off from the game.

I'll be happy to do the same for any of the corp leaders or alliance officers. However, we need to keep these to the point so people can decide what events they want to do.

On top of keeping things posted for our alliance, we'll be emailing everyone the day before and as late as the morning of.

Thank you
Aimez (aka Koecoe and Queen Koecoe)
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