2017-04-13 03:25:00
Delivery Agents,

If you live under a rock (or if you aren't active on Slack, Reddit, and Discord), you may not know this, but recent data released at EVE Fanfest show that WINGSPAN Delivery Services is officially THE #1 CORPORATION AMONG ALL EVE CORPORATIONS FOR TOTAL NUMBER OF KILLS IN WORMHOLE SPACE.

With over 7,000 kills in the last year, WINGSPAN is more prolific in j-space than Lazerhawks, Inner Hell, Hard Knocks, Static-Noise, and thousands of other organizations. We had more kills than the next two contender corps COMBINED. And it's not just Herons orbiting high-sec wormholes, either: WINGSPAN was also ranked #5 in total ISK value destroyed, and in the Top 3 rankings every month in the last year as well!

Take am minute to consider how incredible of an accomplishment this is.

[seriously, take a minute]

From the bottom of my cold, black heart, I want to thank you, the Delivery Agents of WINGSPAN for making this possible. While I may have pulled off a 1v8 here or there, it was YOU, together, who have put us on the map... then you burnt the map and built a globe on top of the ashes, except the globe only has one continent, and the continent is named CUSTOMER SERVICE V.

Keep up the good work. Stay the course. Make customers content throughout wormhole space. And THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN THIS ORGANIZATION!!!

An Emotion That Approximates Human Love,
Chance Ravinne // WINGSPANTT
CEO, WINGSPAN Delivery Services and the 4th Best Commentator on YouTube
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