2017-04-13 14:30:00

Make it 7 days guys I'm not a dick :)

Good day to all!
From: Mavrick Jeffery
Sent: 2017.04.13 13:57
To: Asteria Concord.,

Asteria Concord.

Good day to all.

I would like to thank eveyone within Asteria Concord. for having Imperium Libertas as part of the alliance and I'm sure there more work to be done. I know there has been some hard time of late but that has been sorted and I would like to move on from this.I wish you all the best of luck in what ever path you take and if there anything I can do please feel free to let me kow but I'n sure you guys will be on..

Now down to business :)

Can all Asteria Concord. members please insure that they have no assts within 9-XN3F-9-XN3F - The Force Awakens & ZMV9-A-ZMV9-A - Rogue One as they will be taken off line from 23:00 evetime love you all and fly safe.

Kindest Regards,

Mavrick Jeffery

Imperium Empire Alliance ☜☆☞Executor☜☆☞
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