2017-04-14 06:00:00
18 hours 40 minutes 9 seconds @ 12:47am CST
Comes out at 00:12

1 day 19 hours 5 minutes @ 12:50am CST, 5:50 eve time
Comes out at 4/16 @ 00:56 eve time

These are the two timers we have. They usually use Oracles. Oracles do EM / Thermal damage. We will go with whatever our FCs want to use. If you are in nullsec we will arrange a way to get transport up to high sec, and move from there. High sec guys just meet in Jerma and we can figure out where to meet afterwards. I would suggest we go in cruisers with shield logistics to be able to repair the POCOs.

Minerva Arbosa
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