2017-04-14 10:21:00

I have send this mail to the leadership i had no reply so i wanted to inform everyone on what is hapening here.Since there was no reply we can asume a lot of things ,but facts are facts .For Das Fornax Protektorat to atack this space they must have the permission of their blue landlords solar fleet.Since solar fleet havent reply anything,you can understand that the facts are we are paying rent and the people who recieve it,gave permission to their blues go attack them they will recive no help and you are clear to destroy their property.The chat logs are from my conversation with Das Fornax Protektorat aliance leader and you should read it cerefuly.So the game is already sold and everyone should check their options.I will be camping them as they are camping our systems until the end of the month then am personaly moving out.
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Das Fornax Protektorat
From: Legendery siajin
Sent: 2017.04.13 12:54
To: 4Life 27rus-2, Leoven 40,

I am a renter of Wings Wanderers .This recent days we have been assulted by hole control and Das Fornax Protektorat .I was teling all along that this is a coordinate attack on our space and us.As i happened to find out solar fleet is geting the rent from Wings Wanderers and kid with guns alince probably. Das Fornax Protektorat is a member of the same coalition as solar fleet is and they have space next to us.Bellow am sending images of my personal conversation with Das Fornax Protektorat leadership(they convo me).In that particular chat am playing the victum ,i will never pay hot dropers and never will.In that chat it is said that Das Fornax Protektorat is assulting our stractures and will hunt here with their friends hole control.Today we lost a tower and some ships,its only pixels.But when u take rent from someone there is some obligations too like defend the sov and stracture.XIX renting ampire is geting assulted as you know to loose its renters since with the upcoming changes moon mining wont be a passive income.Every day XIX renters get camped and die for Pandemic Legion and the rest can have more renters,maybe am wrong but rate my ticks is geting biger.Us fighting a group that can have 40 members t3 fleet and has 3 super carriers on the battle is none winiable thats why i wanted to fight cheap today.Having renters and then your blues atacking them ,is not right.So i want to know as a renter what are the position of the land lords on that mater .Will Das Fornax Protektorat be kicked from xix coalition cause i need to check my options.There are other renting aliances in this game that i can rent space from and make money and i can deal with 1 local hot droper.But 3 sc and suport i need serius fleet to defend my self and make money.Also will solar fleet reambursh my corp for the starbase that was destoyed by Das Fornax Protektorat and their friends or the alince is changing land lords because the whole conversation with them is kinda funy.Depending on the responce from the landlords i will inform every corp that is renting from solar fleet and xix about the whole sitiuation and am sure people will find the whole thing very intresting.My personal opinion is that renders do matter and after the new patch they will matter more.waiting for the oficial reply from solar fleet leadership.
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