2017-04-15 13:43:00
Greetings All,

As we mold to fit the enemies around us, we keep our dodtrines updated and fun. We will be giving a few cheap comps a go for the LOLs and to enjoy our game play. The following are our doctrines.

Strat Ops:
Mach Comp (see the forums for fits)

Cerb Comp (Coming at the end of the month, watch forums for update)

Roaming Comps:
Cancer Comp -
Orthrus - Fleet
OsNI - Fleet
Cynabal - Fleet
Ashimmu - Fleet
Scimitar - Fleet
Support = Keres/Hyeni, Ewar Cruisers/Frigs (1900+ speed)

Funs Fleets:
Kestrel - Fleet
Cormorant - Longbow
Talwar - Fun Fleet
Thorax - Fleet

Should be fun with everything planned for content fun.
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