2017-04-17 14:42:00
Endgegner will join with following ships:

Cerberus +Scythe +tackle +griffins.

We prefer to not join with capitals or bigger ships than battlecruiser because we do not know if whole HC will join.
For breaking damage cap of the astrahus we only need around 10 Cerbs. So try to join with ships as cheap as possible to minimize risk.

best regards
Mia Spackling

Reinforced Astrahus in 73-JQO + Astrahus Build in ZJG-7D
Von: Krapfal Koraka
Gesendet: 2017.04.17 02:04
An: Kids With Guns Alliance,

Hello Guys

we have a little problem in Omist !!!!

in our System is a Astrahus in Reinforced from us !! Najawe Marissa Evans Ron Maudieu DarhtVaderrin Wiebke Moneygirl Nyx + 2 Phoenix + Tengu + Maledition logged of in 73-JQO* .


In ZJG-7D* build more then SERI0US BUSINESS Das Fornax Protektorat a Astrahus !!! build finish 23:00 german Time !!!!

greez Chanur Corporation !!!!
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