2017-04-18 20:44:00
Well it has been a while since we kicked over a sandcastle just for fun...

Corporation Danmark
From: lana Vyvorant
Sent: 2017.04.18 18:39
To: Wibla,


Name is Lana Diplomat of Brothers Of The Dark Sun

I am here by informing you that we do not appriciate being camped and would like you do withdraw Corporation Danmark from our systems, they are treatning to attack our Sov because they have a problem with a corp's ticker within our alliance, we dont like threats and we dont want a war to start. i would like to solve this peacefully but i am not gona give it to their threats and tell a corp to shut down because of it.

Kendrik Bathana
Bull3r Pappotte
Noobs en Chasteaux

These are the name of the pilots camping our systems.

Best regards Lana Vyvorant.
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