2017-04-18 21:10:00
If some of you are having problems with your Windows 10 system locking-up lately... since any recent Windows Update... There's something you should know:
Windows 10 now has somewhat-annual major revisions that change its overall function and how it operates with various drivers. Each of these revisions, called Branches, does a refresh install of Windows 10 and acts at a new version of Windows.

For example: You either have Windows 10 initial release (July 2015)..
Windows 10 Version 1511
Windows 10 Version 1607
or Windows 10 Version 1703, the latest Branch.

Depending on your Windows Update settings and some other randomness, you may have delayed updates and be on older 1511 versions only recently updated to the 1607 Branch... or you may have just installed the brand new 1703... or you were at the initial release somehow and just got to 1511 or 1607 or 1703.

*Please note this is NOT related to the MONTHLY updates you get from Microsoft... as each of the last 3 Win10 Branches will have update packs for its version. At some point the Branches are forced on you or you manually opt to install them at certain times. You can still get monthly updates while not knowing you're behind a Branch.

WHAT THIS MEANS....... is that when 1607 was out and you installed your nVidia or chipset or audio or whateverthefuck drivers for your system.. they were built for Windows 10 1607... NOT Windows 10 1703.
If you recently went up a Branch, take a look and go re-download a fresh set of drivers for your system and graphics card.

This is why some of you are having the lock up problems and then it's resolved by installing the latest drivers.
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