2017-04-19 00:43:00

Black List recruit
From: Code2200
Sent: 2017.04.19 00:39
To: Kris Tyrell,

[00:32:21] Code2200 > o/
[00:32:24] Mahsati Ornatos > hey mate!
[00:32:29] Mahsati Ornatos > Just noticed your question in MACE1 Public
[00:32:30] Code2200 > hello!
[00:32:50] Code2200 Mavrotanek Zandris is currently handleing my request. :)
[00:32:54] Mahsati Ornatos cardaneila S is an alt of Welwyn DeLuca, he got booted since his main joined BASTN
[00:32:59] Mahsati Ornatos > so.. reject :p
[00:33:05] Code2200 > thank you! :)
[00:33:24] Mahsati Ornatos > np! I just sent this info to all other CEOs in FCON, guess the rest of PF alliances will need the info too
[00:33:42] Code2200 > I will inform our alliance ex of this
[00:34:32] Mahsati Ornatos thanks mate. Hit us up anytime. If no one's alive in the public channel drop me a mail on this one or Dywas Ornatos
[00:34:34] Mahsati Ornatos > o/
[00:35:16] Code2200 > thank you o7
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