2017-04-21 07:49:00
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'd like to sincerly thank everyone for your hard work and willingness to form up on all the Structure Grinds this past week.

One of our primary goals for the alliance has been to create passive income to help fund wars to keep everyones content alive! Pocos became a part of our plan to accomplish that goal and we are becoming alot more efficient at taking them with every single POCO.

Our short term POCO campaign includes 17 "KEY" POCOS in the Sinq Laison and Everyshore Regions. This will facilitate at minimum 21 additional wars per month.

All that being said we have one more really hard push tomorrow on the POCOs we have already engaged. The following POCOs will be coming out of shield reinforcement at the following times (meaning this is a free kill mail if you participate):

Atlanins 4/22/2017 02:50 (Don't expect resistance)

Halle 4/22/2017 04:19 (Don't expect resistance)

Bawilan 4/22/2017 19:25 (Expect resistance, Please be Early)

Croleur 4/22/2017 21:12 (Expect resistance, Please be Early)

djhx Kushdealer is going to be FC for all of the Poco Bashes listed above and wil stage out of Dodixie. If you have questions regarding fits etc. please feel free to contact him.

These ops are NOT MANDATORY, but we really do appreciate the help!

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