2017-05-04 15:01:00
Apparently we need to start putting up wardec rules again.... So!

During Wardec, there can be ABSOLUTELY NO hauling around trade hubs with in alliance toons. If you want stuff hauled in, create a hauling contract with a friend out of corp. we have plenty of out-of-alliance toons to help.

DONT FLY STUPID SHIPS during wardec. No billion isk PVP rattlesnakes, no Plex tanked frigates.....

DONT MINE WITHOUT SCOUTS during wardec. You should have at least a 1 jump advanced notice in all directions as to whether there is a war target coming.

This is your one any only warning of these rules. We usually send this message out to the alliance during wardecs, but because we havnt had promblems until now, and they are common sense rules, we didnt this time. Well, now we have. We have plenty of options, such as null sec and WH space, for you yto enjoy during War times. Any kills they get just prolongs the war for everyone so please fly smart people.....

It needs to be addressed. fix it please.

Hulk Enthor
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