2017-05-05 17:47:00
Alliance meeting Sunday 15;00 EVE time, DISCORD
All CEOs and Officers must be there.

We’re going to talk about the fallowing

Rent fees
Make people want to do something in eve instead of just doing whatever also keeps people wanting to login into eve to keep them active and always have a goal or and objective.

I’ve been talking with Rocco I’m going to fun some of my own personal money and get cheap frigs out here start building them and start getting familiar with combat and pvp situations... hold on u may think u know it already but common practicing keeps a sharp eye in what to do and even keep the moral up so one day they can just go out and take them on their own without them think eh so what this is fun only if I get one or 2 of them in a cheap fit

Free refining
Because we want people to build sell and keep people happy but at the same time this is why we’re talking about a flat rate for renting fee Per corp members OR pre corps I know I can’t get 7.5 billion and split it among the corps out here but if I get some contribution from everyone then its helps 420 COOP instead of going to jita and selling raw materials or moon good every month and constantly spending JF fuel to go to high sec every month and wasting it instead we do it this way and that JF fuel gos to our stations

We as an alliance need to figure out roles for people per corp so it’s just not all 1-5 people doing like for example one persons in charge or all ratting Fleets to boost index and at the same time keep cash flowing in the pockets, One corp to doing mining ops, One corp to plan PVP ops or think of ways to do activities we need this so people feel when they log in that there’s something to look for when there logging in this one might take a while but more numbers = more opportunities we can’t filter out all the spies and we just got to put a gut feeling but this is why we only give them access to limited resources.

Future planning
Any Ideas that u might have spit them out and let us hear them.


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