2017-05-06 22:49:00

As the Alliance High Sec Chief (ask Red if any questions or issues with that), I need to point out we now have two war declarations going on at the same time. It's easy to ask, "Why us", but the better question to ask, is what can you do about it. If you can fight, there are people in this alliance you should speak with in order to rally up a fighting force. If you do not fight, then there are some suggestions I will put in a second email for you. The bottom line is, there is guidance available if there are any questions.

Who's attacking now?

As you already know we have our friends I Know Right continuing the war against us. The kill reports make that case very obvious why they did that. Here is the intelligence report on them:

There are 12 Corps with the smallest being 1 and the largest 25; with a total of 103 characters in this alliance. (Taken straight from info) They also have very little change over in their manning.

They go into Wormholes, HS, LW, and 0.0. They do tend to favor Sinq Liason, The Citadel and the Forge, but they also have many kills in many other regions.

Their killboard is active: Also on DotLan:
(For additional activity factors, feel free to do your own research with these two links.)

They appear to roam in mixed groups, or solo, and, by the killboards appear to camp gates as well. Judging by the number of capsule kills, they are very good at what they do, and will also go after anything it appears.

They attack other professional mercinary alliances and industrial alliances alike. In other words, this is a professional group that will go after pretty much anyone with a high rate of success.

Eve Skunk Data:


We also have another corp that has joined into the War Dec on their own: Project Alpha. They were part of I Know Right until the 6th of May.

This is a single corp with 23 Members. With reason, almost all of the members are former members of I Know Right.

They go into HS, LS, and 0.0, but I did not find any instance of wormhole activity. They tend to favor Gallente and Caldari space, but their activities are very widespread across New Eden.

Their killlboard is highly active: Also on Dotlan:
(For additional activity factors, feel free to do your own research with these two links.)

They also appear to roam in groups or solo, and also use the same tactics as I Know Right.

They have also attacked other professional mercinary corps and alliances as well as industrials alike. Their threat level should be regarded the same as I Know Right.


A theory as to why now two, is Project Alpha was part of I Know Right until the 6th, and because of that, and the war dec continuation, plus throwing in some war dec mechanics, we now have two war decs. They may have left because they don't want to go after 6E, but another bet would be to break off from the war dec to pursue their own killboard stats on their own. (Or it could be something else completely different, this is pure speculation.) In any case, these players are good at what they do, and should not be taken lightly.

If anyone convos you, you should always let the alliance Diplo know, and refer them to the Diplo ASAP. No one other than the Diplo and the Executor has the authority to speak for 6E.
6E Diplos: Feiryred, Reschef

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