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War Decs bring a whole new dynamic to life in High Sec. Some will argue war decs are just for HS, and perhaps that is true, but there are a few things you can do to minimize your exposure to this hazard. This will not be a condescending or finger wagging message. What is suggested in the following has been proven to keep players in one piece. And also keep your alliance out of renewed war decs for the most part.

First and foremost: Determine if you really need to undock. Is that rock you’re going to mine, or that cargo you’re going to haul really worth getting blown up for, is it that item or task critically urgent it must go out now? Or another way to put it, is what your about to do, worth being written on someone’s killboard for as long as that killboard exists?

If the answer is no, then you just won the war dec personally.

If the answer is yes, there are still some options:

1 Do you have any out lf alliance characters you can use to do the same job? Can you make some?
2 Can you contract out what you need done? (Currier, or Personal Agreement through Third Party facilitation.) (You may need to adopt a wartime operating strategy if War Decs are too disruptive for you.)
3 Use spotters (that you trust of course).
4 Make safe spots and insta-dock – undocks bookmarks (in each system of operation; the more, the better your odds are at surviving). Along with that, and especially if hostiles are in local, never sit in one spot for any length of time. (Odds are, they already know where you are and what you’re flying if they just used a locator or probes.)
5 Never go AFK, Never autopilot.
6 Don’t fly or carry what you cannot EASILY replace.
7 Get into a clean jump clone with no implants. (Why give your assailant a killboard tip for their performance? They didn't serve you a pizza, they just killed you.)
8 Go relocate to a secondary base of operations, or even create a third forward operation base in case your primary location is under siege. (Clearly better scouted during peacetime though.) (This is an expensive option for some, but fortunately, deterioration does not happen in eve, so there is no need for maintenance and upkeep, just throw it in a container for when you need it.)
9 Become intimately familiar with your systems of operation and the systems around them. Know how long it takes to get from one jump gate to another, how long it takes to dock in a station/structure from a gate, etc. Ensure you can dock at all structures in your area. (The last thing you want to do is try to dock at something that won’t let you in, nor tether you, while you think you just saved your hide with hostiles in local pursuing you.)
10 Use a cloak as much as possible. (At least make it some sort of a challenge for them to find you.)
11 Fly smart. There are people looking specifically for you, to kill you in game. There’s no need for your kill to become a dream come true for your assailant. You are not a CCP Dev.
12 Always keep aligned to a station, friendly structure, or jump gate if you are stationary. Those fractions of a second count.
13 Know how to do the one cycle MWD/AB trick. If you don’t have one on, put one on if you can.
14 And if you’re about to have your ship blown up, half way through the hull start spamming to dock at any station or structure (that you can doc in) like your life depends on it, because, your pod really does. Many people just sit there in disbelief looking at their wreckage, and don’t realize their pod is about to suffer the same fate in a couple of seconds. Pods insta-warp, and the lowest locking cross section, they should be the hardest thing to pop in game period.
15 Smack talking of any kind will not be tolerated. If they do it, ignore them. If they personally convo you, refer them to the alliance diplo (see previous message), do not give them any conversation at all. Block them if need be; regardless to what you think, you will be representing 6E if you respond to them.

You also need to configure your UI differently:

1 Stretch your local chat room from the top to the bottom of your screen. That way, you have as many player icons as you possible can have up. It always makes spotting the “Red Star” (Red Square with a White Star in it), easier. If you see one, warp somewhere safe, dock, log off (not recommended), just don’t sit there and wait for them to come up to you, They are not going to become friends with you.
2 Also, configure you HUD, to show war targets, and all player ships and drones. This way, you will see everyone, which may also lock you. (I.E., one of their scouts, or some asshat that is scanning you.) You can now create a tab just for war decs so you don’t have to reconfigure your HUD all the time either.

The bottom line is, a war dec is not the end of the world, consider it a speedbump. But a speedbump, you will have to adapt to if you don’t want to feed senseless kills to your new enemy. The more kills they get, the more enticing it is to continue the war dec, or get others to join in the frenzy. I’ve personally been in one once for a little over three months straight with different aggressors taking turns. It sucks you have to go through it, but it is indeed a fact of life in Eve too. There is no ignoring that.

To that end, what you do, reflects not only on yourself, but those of your corp and the alliance as a whole. The sandbox theory is a war dec function. You undocking does not only affect you, it affects everyone that are war deced along with you to some extent. Please bear that in mind when you get the urge to go “take a look outside”. Flying safe, is not good enough during a war dec.

And of course, if you have questions, ask someone that's been around a while in the game. We are here to help each other as much as we reasonablly can, but that's also a two way street as well.

Don’t just fly safe, Fly Smart!

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