2017-05-08 17:43:00
Hello Brave,

Please be warned that the character Zansha Expansion Buyback is in no way or form assosciated with Zansha Expansion, Zansha Industries, or our buyback or capital order services

If you are contacted by him/her, please be advised that they are falsely impersonating us and are likely to try and scam you. I doubt this will happen and it is probably just to try and grab buyback contracts mistakenly assigned to them, but be on the lookout nevertheless. We take no responsibility for his/her actions and have already submitted a petition to have their name changed.

If you are ordering capitals from us, please be careful to transfer the deposit to the correct people, and if you are in any doubt, the correct corporation is linked in the Zansha Expansion channel.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us by contacting Charlie Dimaggio, Goldleader, LSky NLT, or myself in-game or on slack, or by using our public channel Zansha Expansion or #zansha-expansion in slack (slack is usually the safest bet).

With that said, please carry on having fun.

Lyra Swift (aka A'talia)
Zansha Director
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