2017-05-11 19:17:00
**Attention All Intel Processor computer users:**

**This is an EXTREMELY BAD vulnerability folks! It means people can remote access your systems while your computer is turned off and do what they want with your disks without leaving any record it happened!**

You may have heard about the vPro/AMT security vulnerability that is affecting systems going back to 2008.
This likely affects your system and it is recommend to get a firmware upgrade to fix this even if your AMT is not provisioned.

See #3 in the announcement for the detection tool:
Download, install, run from the start menu. It will say at the top of the output "Not Vulnerable" or "Vulnerable". If you are Vulnerable, goto next step. If Not, consider yourself lucky.

See #5 in the announcement for various manufacturer sites and whether or not they have a fix yet.
It will be at least a firmware upgrade to fix this. Install it once available.
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