2017-05-12 11:46:00
- ROAM -

Fleet type: Shield, Midrange: (70-100km).

- Shiptypes -

Primary: Hurricanes / sleipnirs / Muninn / Cerberus etc.

Secondary: Force recon / Scimitars / Covert ops with probes.

Tertiary: Sabres / interceptors.

Or bring what you can tho make sure it fits into the fleet doctrine aka do not bring armor fitted ships into this fleet =).

Fleet embarks from C-NMG9 station at: 18.00 Evetime.

Comms: Badfellas TS Ops1.

First 5mins will be tutorial / monoluque how fleet is supposed to act.
After that 5-10mins to do few practice runs to ensure everyone knows what
theyre supposed to do within the fleet. afterwards we will perform
short pocket roaming and finding targets if there is any.

Fleet will be cancelled if there is a CTA or some other op that might overlaps
this fleets timer.

Ships lost during this op will not be under the SRP program, so bring what you can afford to lose. Im looking forward to get to know all of you bit better during this fleet, and vise versa. See you later today at the op.

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