2017-05-14 22:05:00
Hi folks

I will be hosting the SNAT PAID mining op on Wed night (well just after midnight, so early Thurs Moning)

Time Date & Place

Please read Forum Post:

Come kill a few dirt balls with those deadly mining lasers, Plus you get paid nicely as well :) I'm sure we'll have a nice enjoyable Op. Theres always chat in fleet which is usualy fun or If you just want to quietly mine whilst earning iskies then thats just fine with us as well :D

I will be your foreman for the night with my trusty 1st Ivan Canticle keeping us safe. I'll be able to provide a nice boost with my alt hauling so all you need to do is mine hard and fast :) An mtu will be used to pull in your jetissoned ore and a can will be placed for those using small hold hulks or covetor's to empty into.

Please do say hi when you join fleet and let us know when you leave or go afk. Just helps us with fair time keeping.

Payment calculations
Miner shares are calculated based on how long you take part in the op. The ore mined by everyone taking part is valued based on its reprocessed mineral value which is usualy conciderably higher than its raw ore value. The mineral value is based on the best Jita buy order prices -10%. The resulting figure is shared amongst those that took part in the op.

Fly safe guys & chat soon


aka Equilibrium Templar
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