2017-05-17 20:56:00

Hello alliance!

I'm very new to this alliance so if didn't have the pleasure... ;-)

I've been settling in slowly and noticed that nobody was really stepping up for the pvp aspect. So... I miiiiight.... like maybe.

So taking an half-step. ;-)

I've never FCed but i've been in hundreds of fleets in my time with Space Monkeys (RIP). I gathered a few tips and ideas.

I'm thinking about low-cost and low skill stuff. Here are some fits I came with to give you an idea:

- LowCost Quick-lock damage
- NewBro LowCost
- Low-cost tackle Rifter

I've put a few on contract all fitted and battle ready to test the waters.

Let's see where this goes.

Davad Ferran who's also Ferron Ette !!
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