2017-05-18 21:52:00
We are only in hq station

FW: Operations
From: Rocco-Siffredi
Sent: 2017.05.18 21:51
To: The Great Knights Alliance

Hello Everyone o/

on behalf of XPS730 I like to forward the following information sent to me by mail to every alliance member:

it is invention in sally that we need to know about, the inventions service will be turned off to make room for reprocessing service that betty currently does. if we hear nothing back it will be turned off.

From: XPS730
Sent: 2017.05.17 04:40
To: 420 COOP Corp, Rocco-Siffredi,

Operations in the small citadel are to come to a Stop Due to the fact that we are taking it down and setting everything we need in the Large Engineering complexe dont get mistaken it for the XL complexe we will be taking down the citadel and replacing the rig into the Large Complexe i will be awaiting for operations to come to a hault or till the End of next month if u have somthing researching or building in the Citadel you are to report anything to XPS730 ARIA KASSINE immediately!

Pass it on to everyone.



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