2017-05-19 00:47:00
Hi guys,

These are the results of last nights lMining Op

Fleet started later than planned due to the strat op but once under way we did well I'd say. Baring in mind battle that happened no more than 6 systems away. We didnt see any real reds until 15 mins before we stopped. A Special thanks go to Ivan Canticle for his eagle intel eyes and to Helaine Lenoir for providing a second boost widening our spread on the site. It was a fun productive op.

Here are the figures for those interested

Total Op Value 782,688,602.94
Value -10% Jita buy 704,419,742.65
Paid to players 529,354,610.68
Donations 175,065,131.96

Total Ore Volume 2,489,563.00m3

Nice work guys! On behalf of Star Nation thank you for the donations made and to all those that took part in the op. I hope to see you again next week. Please look out for the eve mail advert with a link to the alliance forum in it. There you can find out where when and what time the op will be held.

Fly safe folks

Equilibrium Templar
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