2017-05-20 18:18:00

T1 Armor Cruiser Fleet - Saturday 00:00 Eve Time (Tonight)
From: Murtific
Sent: 2017.05.20 17:38
To: Relentless Terrorism,

Gents please read closely,

Purist Fleet (without some impurities [damn Non-Amarr pilots!])
I believe we have the capability as a corp to learn more complex fighting skills together if we dont have to worry so much about losing very expensive fleet compositions. I also believe this composition to be very formidable. I am a very experienced FC dating back from 2007 having lead fleets over 200 personnel strong, consisting of capital and subcapital fleets in Low-Sec and Zero.Zero space. I would like to see our team cohesion increase significantly and I would like to see our members that lemmeing around become more self-sustaining and contribute to every fleet. (IE Having your own scouts out running around finding fleets. I would expect at least 50% of our members in fleet tonight assist with scouting for targets during the op while listing to warp commands properly). You will be given clear and consise guidance during this fleet. Please pay attention as I do not like to repeat myself to often when not-required.

I chose Amarr due to the fact that the weapons have range up to 19km and can quickly change damages. Maullers will Web and Omens will Warp Disrupt. Every ship in this fleet that I provided will be equiped with ECM drones. These will help mitigate incoming DPS SIGNIFICANTLY! I want to have 4x Augorors Minimum. Other Racial T1 ARMOR Cruisers will also be effective in certain situations.

I will be FCing a Relentless Terroistm fleet composition of Armored T1 cruisers with logi support.
00:00 EVE Time TONIGHT (Saturday). Apologize for the late mail.
Formup will be at 00:00 Eve time in top station and approximate roll out time 00:15ish.
I have provided Omen (20x), Maulers (20x), and Augorors (20x) for reps. I aplogize for not providing other racial T1 Armor Cruisers. Try to fit an 800mm Plate and resists all above 60% if you want to bring another hull. I will ask our guardian pilots to please fly logi as they are T1 cruisers and skills do matter to make them effective!

Omen: 31.5 Mil
Mauller: 38 Mil
Augoror: 33 Mil (Logi Specific)

You may purchase these ships in our main top station in Oulley under our Corporation Contracts. I added 1 mil to the cost that I paid for them in Jita. They come fully fitted with charges. I would expect losses to be SRP'd as they are under the 50 mil requirement for fleet requirements of SRP.

Your fellow member,

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