2017-05-22 02:31:00
o7 Elemental Tide and Friends,

The founder of Panda Express Inc. has decided to continue his education outside of EVE. Kiritoh Kirigaya, is working towards his degree in Biochemistry which he plans on using to help conservation efforts. A noble and valid goal. However he currently resides in Nebraska and needs to relocate to California to finish up his schooling. Here is where you can help save an endangered species. Kiritoh like most of us on EVE is not made of infinite cash sources and he cannot just jump into an incursion fleet for 3 weeks and make enough to last him a year. In response to his dilemma he has made a go fund me page with a modest goal to help him achieve his dreams. Panda Express Inc. would greatly appreciate the help. If you cannot donate but still wish to help, please share this information so we can send him to California, to get educated!

Now, to help encourage the fun spirit with this, if you decide to donate to his cause, sign your EVE name in the name slot and write in the comment "Elemental Tide". After doing this, you will be entered into our prize draw. We have four prizes we will draw from. 1) A Capital class vessel of your choice!(Carrier, FAUX or Dread) from the four main factions. 2) 1000 PLEX! and 3) Two prizes of FOUR Skill Injectors!

Now there are a few Terms and Conditions here.
1) This is for fun and to help someone out. The money earned from this Go-Fund me goes to living accommodations and school fees.
2) The skill injectors packs will be awarded to two separate pilots.
3) Only Elemental Tide and Warped Intention pilots are valid for this draw.
4) All donations are equally appreciated!
5) The draw will be held at either goal reached or end of July which ever comes first.
6) The names of the four winners will be randomly drawn from the entire pool. If you win one prize you are eliminated from the other prize draws.

Cheers and Good Luck!

Sharpe Naskingar
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