2017-05-24 05:40:00
Cooperation with the Initiative?

News about the Raitaru Incident
From: Traeumer
Sent: 2017.05.23 14:53
To: Hand of The King,

a) The 404 Alliance Not Found did not order, approve or initate the attack on our Raitaru. Negotiations are still ongoing.

b) TOG - The Older Gamers Alliance also starts a standing fleet now. Again if not one is up it should be made.

c) Intel channels JQV5 Intel needs to be open and used for all members TOG members in null-sec. Local needs to be in a window by itself and open at all times.

d) Negotiations started with The Initiative. and some kind of cooperation might be possible.

Fly Safe!
Traeumer, Council of 6
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