2017-05-25 00:39:00
This is our primary form of communication and where you will find out about fleets. If you do not have discord download it here:

This link will add you to our discord channel.

Download the app on your phone as well. This way when a ping goes out it will show up on your phone. Notification settings are very easy to change and make so you get as many or as few notifications to your phone as you would like. Talk to me if you can't figure out how to set these up to your liking.

There are three channels:

Pings is just that. Only for pings, and at this point in time only command can ping, in the future we wil probably open this up to members. If you want to run a fleet you can still ping @everyone or @here in general chat.

General is for general chat, you can add pictures and links and whatever you want. Shoot the shit. type @pmcunit for instance to ping pmc specifically and make sure he knows your talking to him. like @pmcunit wassah u gay bruh?

R1OT Capital If you are a capital pilot send me a mail/talk to me and I will get you added to the capital channel for capital related pings, information, and chat.
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