2017-05-25 19:10:00
Hello again its XPS here just Giving u guys heads up on whats going on so after much thinking and LOTS of discussions and worrys that people have The citadels will not be comming offline due to many complications in the way so hope ur all feeling a little better about it.

i'd also like to point out that no one had email me or had a problems with the agreements on with month rent and so ill explain it again...

350 million Per month @ +5 active memebers
50 million per person per month until u hit +5
with rent being paid comes free Refining and it should be aswell as Anything else we can make happen with the Stations just let us know @ 420 COOP
POCOs are not included Not my choice.

PVP And mining ops WE need to have atleast 2 of thies 1once or twice a month Rocco- incharge of the Dates PLans and operations for mining ops he will let u know and keep you informed. XPS730 needs 1 Scout and 1 Other FC with me or we can go on a little roam and Practice gates and positions and comms ! i will keep u informed on the daays that i will be doing this and communicating with rocco- so theres no mis haps on dates for mining or roams if theres anything else please feel free to contact XPS730 for any questions u may have.

have a good day and fly safe

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