2017-05-27 16:31:00
Hey guys, just dropping a line to invite everyone to participate in the local PvP that we have. I copied this info from the corp bulletin so as to make it easier to find. Some really good info. I myself usually fly late evenings US TZ (between 0000 and 0300 EvE time usually). Feel free to join in as we try to keep Provi safe and fun!

PVP Fleet Action
To join in on the many chances for pvp in provi, here are some tips
There a few chat channels to watch for info on pvp defense, roams and strat ops and so forth, some are more in use than others. North Provi Intel P-FLEET Provi Fleet Coop
Do check the CVA forum for fleet announcements, there ship doctrines and so on will be listed.
Goku fleets are very new pvp friendly usually, and normally dont mind taking T1 versions of doctrine fits.

Looking over doctrine fits is also a good way to see what one should skill for if one wants to fly into pvp with Provi
Hint: Logi is always in demand ;)

To Join Provi fleets you need access to the comms used, both Mumble and TeamSpeak is used so download those

YF Forums and Mumble access
Register and Account on the YF forums, you will need to setup up as your char with a limited API key.

Then configure it for the YF mumble channel as follows;
Label - YF
Address -
Port - 64738
Username - (your yf forum account name)
password - this is the password for your forum accout

CVA Forums and Mumble access
Please register for cva forums to access P-fleet comms and the CVA doctrines
register here:

use partial API
(there is a link on the registration page that fills all the details they ask for on the registration)
Then configure it for the CVA channel
Add new..
Label - CVA
Address -
Port - 64738
Username - (your CVA account name)
Password - (your CVA Forum pass)

Also info for -7- TS3 as they alos sometimes post fleets in the channels
one can register here :
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