2017-05-27 23:20:00
Oh shit, the jig is up guys, this mentally challenged goon spy has outed our entire devious plan to USURP the great Wrathguard. alliance from the man that created it. Just for that we must feel obligated to hunt his cowardly @ss down at every opportunity and stomp on his pathetic and impudent family jewels. How dare he try to sew the seeds of dissidence among this group of devious outlaws.

FFS (eyes rolling) another drama queen looking to create anything but killmails for the brand.
Not sure I ever saw this guy on comms or in fleet so good riddance, I say.. oh and welcome back SC, oh master of the trolls. ;)
I guess I missed the lazy fat ass remark, (lol unfortunately), but if I logged on these comms and someone wasn't trolling me, or hadn't been doing so while I was gone, I'd think I was in the wrong place so this guy's skin was far too thin for this gang imho.

Content in Eve doesn't appear, someone has to find it. He'll be far happier in Goonswarm with all the other snowflakes and herdable cats in New Eden. May his PAP links runneth over and his corpses fill our station cans. :D


FW: Yo
From: SCoftheWrG
Sent: 2017.05.27 17:31
To: The Wraithguard.,

Our humor apparently went over his head you fucks

From: Mr Mordan
Sent: 2017.05.27 13:36
To: SCoftheWrG,

Hey SC,

Just wanted to say goodbye and thank you for the invitation to your alliance. Unfortunately, it turned out to be far more inactive than I had expected. I'm retired, so on and off all day, and I only saw a few guys getting active and then only in the evening. With you gone most of the time, I think they all just got idle. Anyway, you have a good team and nice guys, but I just needed to see far more going on. I gave it a whirl.

The other thing, perhaps less important, was that Skelee kept bad mouthing you on coms when you were gone. I'm new here, so imagine what it's like to hear your FC call the alliance leader a lazy fat ass, and seem perfectly serious about it. I figured maybe things weren't so tight here. No, he was not joking at all. 3 or 4 other guys suggested to him that he take over.. Anyway, not the type of talk and back stabbing I want to hear from someplace I just joined.

Anyway, the rest of it was good, and good guys and you were very cool. I just need more going on is all.

Best wishes to you.
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