2017-05-28 22:32:00
How to keep yourself as safe as possible in Null-sec

Firstly make sure you are in the Intel Channel - North Provi Intel
this is our most valuable asset in nullsec, giving intel on where any reds may be, and usually fleet composition.
It only works if people report any action deemed to be KOS worthy.

It also doesnt protect against Neutrals, Red fleets have been know to use neutral pilots to hotdrop with. So if you see a Neutral in system that you dont recognise, take care and do everything you can to protect yourdelf - pre align to a station, so if they do warp to you, you can warp off quickly.


This is a mapping program that links into your North Provi Intel channel chatlogs. It gives audible alerts when reds enter the next system. It also shows you a map of providence that you can see at a glance where the reds are in relation to your current location.

Download here

KOS Overlay

This is another great tool we can use, Its linked to the Severance / CVA KOS list, to use it click once in local chat on the name you want to query, then CTRL-C twice. it will search the database then either show that name in grey for not KOS, or Red / Orange for KOS. You need to run Eve in Window Locked mode to have the Overlay display above your eve window.

Download here

Finally, No system is perfect, Reds will always find a way to slip through the safety net we have in place. Just keep your eyes peeled and dont get too complacent with safety, As soon as you see Reds next door to you, start your efforts to dock up in safety. (Unless on a defence fleet, then its a matter of engaging the enemy.)

FLy Safe, and I hope this information helps you to fly a little safer.

Dora Ambramotte
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