2017-05-29 01:49:00
ok, i got the allaince palm pf my hand! LOL

Re: FW: Re: FW: Re: LOL
From: SCoftheWrG
Sent: 2017.05.29 01:47
To: The Wraithguard., Skelee VI,

been having power outages here, not going to risk frying my computer so staying off tonight

FW: Re: FW: Re: LOL
From: Skelee VI
Sent: 2017.05.29 01:40
To: The Wraithguard.

Re: FW: Re: LOL
From: evistin
Sent: 2017.05.28 05:55
To: Skelee VI,

damn this guys right about skelee being a shit FC maybe hes right about everything

viva la revolution
down with the sausauge grilling texan oppresors

From: Skelee VI
Sent: 2017.05.28 03:32
To: The Wraithguard.,


From: Mr Mordan
Sent: 2017.05.28 03:26
To: Skelee VI,

Well, you did call him a fat lazy fuck, and he wasn't around.. totally shit thing to do in any one's book.
So you may be friends, but if you are, you're kind of like turds spinning down the drain of a toilet complaining that the other one stinks.. but liking each other for being in the same bowl. If he's really ok with your shit talking him behind his back, then I'm guessing he does the same to you. Any scenario you lay out for it looks ugly to me.. not chil cool guys or good leaders.. just trollers with dreams of being more some day.

In the end, you're a back stabbing XO that thinks WAY too much of yourself, and you suck terribly as an FC.

From: Skelee VI
Sent: 2017.05.28 02:08
To: Mr Mordan,

my fat freind and I started the corp and alliance. I am XO. We been flying since 2009. nice try to cause shit.
We are all lauging on comms
See you around.. Best of luck
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