2017-05-30 00:32:00

Ok guys for the goals for our alliance to be met we gonna need some shit now me and aria will be trying out best to get it done but any help we can get from you guys would be amazing <3 ok so...... We want to move space (Where will wee said later on once we are closer to the time) but in order for this to happen we need to build a titan to moce our XL comeplex out of system to lowsec/highsec so any ore people have the more the better its helps send all ore to myself Riddick Nabali alliance wont be able to pay for it so its what you can spare there will be later op going on that aria will say for mining we need all miners to help us get the ore we need everyones help on this please

Thank you
Riddick Nabali
Alliance Co-CEO
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