2017-05-31 19:29:00
Welcome, new pilots of Solitaire.!
We are glad, that you decided to fly with us. And we want to give you something back.

A newbie teaching class on

Saturday, 3rd June 2017
at 20:00 EVE Time
on our Private TeamSpeak³ Server.

It can be reached via:
PW = primal577wrath

Please keep in mind that TeamSpeak is an important part of our Alliance life and you should be on there as soon as you start your EVE Client. Although, being in our channel all the time is not required.

If you do not have TeamSpeak installed, please download it from here as soon as possible:

This OP is compulsory for every pilot in Solitaire being in for less than 1 Month and every Veteran is encouraged as well to share their knowledge with us.

I will link a list of pilots encouraged to attend later on.

If you cannot attend on this date, please send me a private mail. Replies to this Alliance mail will not be answerd.

For further questions, you can send me, Milena Tazinas, or one of the other Directors (Rinszler, Dark Motoko, Callum Hugman, Dragon BF, Elysium Prime, Khaeli Thrice) a private mail as well.

I hope that you will enjoy our company and our pursuit of happiness.

Until then,

Fly safe.

Milena Tazinas
Recruit Mentor
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