2017-06-09 22:01:00
Hi guys

Our corp member Ori Kurvora from FGC lost his excavs on june for 10:30 EvE time in LJK-T0 in the enormous belt, first he thought it was bugged because he called em back before having to leave, but CCP replied that it was scooped by another player and only Allies were in LJK in the time period. He asked on local an hour later and also wrote to Instinkk but the Ecavs still didnt turn up.

I hope you dear gentleman just were not online by then and didnt know who to return it to. We will give a reward for the founder who is kind enough to bring the poor drones home. They must feel cold, tired and alone. As does their previous owner.

Also it would suck if it never turns up not only because of the money but because it would mean that someone willingly stole from a brother whom with they regularily fly together in fleets as Devid the owner is one of our most active pilots.

Please do the right thing so i dont need loose hope in humanity...again.

With all gratitude,
Koshyx Stark
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