2017-06-10 21:55:00
Evening gents.

An initiative from Nameless. we present to you all. "NC. Roam".

This is an in-game channel headed up by a Nameless. hero Wo0ki3. Essentially it's a channel where the roamers in you can chill / chat and organize local roams around where we are deployed.

Nameless. has created a few roaming setups (Reasonably priced) and placed them on contracts for the Alliance to use. Each contract is linked in the channel for you to purchase. Remember these ships are NOT SRP'd by the Alliance.

To purchase - simply click the contract link in the channel. Our logistics guy will try and endeavour to keep it fully stocked so there is always a good array of ships available.

Most ships will be Contracted in Gehi or Keberz.

If you wish to join the channel and lead roams you are more than welcome also! NC. Roam Click here to join the channel and become part of the movement and get things active!

Thanks for reading,

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