2017-06-11 14:45:00
Horde update vol 25 - Pirates of the Carribbeans

also for those who dont check pings:

A quick guide for those catching up

Carriers and supercarriers are getting nerfed next tuesday.
Rorquals and mining anoms are getting nerfed next tuesday.
Pirate BS drop rate are getting nerfed on tuesday and the build cost increased at a later time.
The training q kept stopping by itself, might be fixed now.
The server keeps shitting itself.

What to do:
1. make sure you training q is active / back on
2. if you lost skillpoints due to the q bug, petition it to have it reimbursed
3. if you lost ships or excavators due to the random server issues, petition them and they are almost always reimbursed
4. if you have pirate bses or bpcs (machs, rattles, vindis ecc) hold on to them or sell at the new super inflated prices, do not welp stupidly, and do not fall for people trying to buy those things at the old price
5. to help people make some extra isk before the nerf, we have lowered the tax to 5% until tuesday - that should let people at least get one last weekend of strong farm in
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