2017-06-13 21:51:00

Any1 who needs things moved into the region can stage their items @ Hakshma VIII - Moon 13 - Caldari Business Tribunal and make a courier contract to the corp Nocuous-Intent to be delivered to D87E-A VII - Moon 16 - Archangels Assembly Plant.

Reverse the order if you'd like things / PI stuff etc moved out to that location. (very simple)

Set the contract for the full 2 weeks, no collateral. If you care to donate that's fine, if not that's fine too I'm not asking for ISK from alliance mates. Isotopes are more valuable to me than ISK tbh, I have no fucking desire to mine so I can transport your stuff.

I'll not accept the contract until I'm about to move it and at that point it will be here within 24 hours from the time I accept it in most cases, barring a power outage or family emergency. So if you think I'm taking too long to accept your contract, feel free to make other arrangements. This is a courtesy, not an obligation on my part.

I suggest using PUSHX or RED FROG to move your items to the staging location to avoid ridiculous losses in high sec from Jita/Amarr gankers and avoid getting us WAR Dec'ed because HS gankers are seeing us trolling through in Haulers full of loot.

PS - And please remember I do this for FREE, and won't accept a contract until I'm moving it.
I won't tell you when, where or how my logistics chain runs so don't ask. JF's are high valued targets and you're all a bunch of fucking pirates to me until I have been to your house and know you personally. Because at that point you will truly understand what will happen if you cross me. Oh, and if you'd like to get your characters ignored from my services just complain about it once. That should do it. ;)

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