2017-06-16 13:52:00
Then take it up with leadership or those individual pilots in system.

I don't care about your excavators or any other krab drama.

-Silent Majority.

Missing Excavators.
From: Enfermera Thalas
Sent: 2017.06.12 18:55
To: Circle-Of-Two,

Hi guys.

I want to apologize for my bad English

09/06/2017. the last friday, the server crash had happened. I was mining with my rorqual in Z-N9IP and i lost all my excavator mining drones becouse we cant return them to the drone cargo.

When I was able to enter the game again. I warped to the colosal where i was mining before the crash server , I trayed to reconnect my drones but they weren´t there. the typical message ·unable to reconect drones, appear. Only two alliance mates were in my own site.

I made a claim to cpp and this is his answer.

I'm afraid I am unable to return the Excavator Mining Drones. After the items were left in space, they were scooped up by another player, who then became their owner. As this falls within accepted game mechanics, we cannot transfer assets from one player at the request of another.

I can not accuse anyone because I have no evidence. But it seems to me unfortunate that among players of the same alliance, these things happen. I have the names of the pilots who they were in the same area.

this is only a game, but it is very sad.


Enfermera Thalas
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