2017-06-17 18:35:00
ISK主要驻军在 Taurus 方便行动。其他地方是租地。
now our system is:
NY6-FH (-0.44)new!
7BX-6F (-0.8) 6VDT-H (-0.2) NDH-NV (-0.5) AV-VB6 (-0.9) U-SOH2 (-0.7) In dead end NEW!!!
Taurus (with 6system: Solar System - P5-EFH Solar System - L-A5XP Solar System - D4KU-5 Solar System - 3ZTV-V Solar System - YRNJ-8 Solar System - 9D6O-M
So we have 11system now!
enjoy it!

XJP-Y7 is not our system! dont make a mistake!
XJP-Y7 不是我们的星系,别搞错了!

we can doing everything in those 11 system. But dont rat /mining /scan the site in other neighbor's system ! They are good neighbors but they have the right to kill you if you rat in their system without invite!

# Taurus is our own constellation (near lowsec ,that's a goond pvp place so we take it! ) You can go to there mining /pvp/pve but becareful! we will move a fleet to stay in there to keep the Taurus safe soon !
# Taurus 我们主权星座(靠近低安,非常好练pvp的地方,所以我们拿下来了)大家可以到那里挖矿、刷怪、最重要是打架,但是小心!我们会近期驻扎一个队伍那边防守,来确保那地方安全。
# We can mining in HMF-9D with Kitten KittyKats if you want, say Hi to Kitten!
# 我们能去 HMF-9D 跟Kitten挖矿,多跟她打招呼!
# Only Iron Crown (our alliance keep the sov in Taurus ) can rat/mining/play in our system ! Other corp without invitation can not rat/mining/or other things in our place !
#只有 Iron Crown (我们自己的联盟驻扎在Tarurs的)能在我们的星系刷怪,其他公司没经邀请是不允许的!
# IF you kill pirate in Taurus ,sent the kb to me ,i will pay bounty!
# 如果你在 Taurus 杀了人或者打架,把kb给我,我给你赏金!
# The NY6-FH will share with Kitten KittyKats
# NY6会跟Kitten共享
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