2017-06-18 20:15:00
Greetings All

As you may have noticed we have been wardec'ed by P I R A T again

Best way to avoid this happening is to make sure they waste their money.
Limit your activities in and around Hisec trade hubs to a minimum. they hang around there usually and kill targets when they can.
Boredom is a damned good weapon against these guys.
If you absolutely need to go to a tradehub, make sure you know what your doing, have insta dock and undock spots and know how to use them
Or better yet, use out of corp hauler, ask in corp if somebody can help if you dont have one yourself.

Dihra is usually safe from wardeccers, but it is advised to pay more attention to local chat to see if any wartargets show up there. make sure your overview has wartargets set up, it is set up by default.

BBP runs as normal, there might be a bit longer delays before accepting contracts, hope you understand this.
A wardec like this is usually just an inconvenience for going to tradehubs, so shouldnt really need to limit your operations, you just need to pay more attention.

Theres also a clonebay in Dihra-Dihra - Evian Facility so jumping in and out of Provi is easier than ever.

Just to remind you on our wSOP (Neocom-> Corp-> Alliance-> Bulletins), please read and follow them.

And again our easy philosophy.

- We only fight on our terms (not those of HS griefer corps)
- If the war deccers have fun they will continue to wardec us
- Dont give them fun (Kills and convo's)
- We do not want these wars, but its how the game work

War in HS is a good oportunity to visit our null sec base for newer members. If you do we advise that you make your way to Dihra-Dihra - Evian Facility before the war starts. . Also bring the skillbooks you need for the comming week(s). Someone will help you make the last null sec jumps to K1Y-5H-K1Y-5H - New Evian as safe as possible.

Use the intel channels ("North Provi Intel", "TheCitadel" and "K1Y Chat") as listed in our bulletines.

For the new players, a wardec means anybody from the enemy can legally attack and kill you anywhere in EVE. The more kills they get, the more likely the war is to continue. Most war target activity will surround the trade hubs and their respective trade routes, avoid these.

Best Regards
Margrete Vrede
Evian industries
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