2017-06-19 02:18:00
Hey guys,

With the growing number of Corp/Alliance contracts, industrial directors will be taking a closer look regarding pricing of contracts. So there There will be an audit done by the industrial directors, Ari Utep and Numismatic Gold/Silver/Platinum in the alliance regarding all contracts to Corp/Alliance. They will also be looked over by the alliance leadership. This is to ensure all contracts fall within the established 10% margin prescribed by the Industrial Alliance Directors. The purpose of contracts is to make doctrine ships readily available for new members/ reshipping after losses. This is not directed at any one person Reafirming the prescribed markup and auditing it will ensure success within the Alliance. Many people have contracts up and they will all be given a once over.

Anyone can put any ship on contracts whether it be doctrine fit or personal fits, just make sure the description accurately reflects the ship ex: Ferox-Doctrine Fit or Ferox-Dual rep roflcopter fit.

For contracts please do not mark up more than 10%. The 10% exists to buffer for jita prices as well as cover jump fuel costs for freighters.

Remember ANYONE can put anything on contracts.

Any questions let me know.

Much Love homies,
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